AfriCOG is featured in the latest (4th) African LME Caucus newsletter. To read the article, please visit AfriCOG partner organisation, the Benguela Current Commission or click on this link to download the PDF.

Cape Town – Today marks the launch of a new multi-sectoral initiative to support the sustainable use and management of marine and coastal resources across Africa. The African Centre for Capacity-Building in Ocean Governance (AfriCOG) will coordinate the efforts of some 18 partner organisations. Together they will ensure that African nations are equipped with the personnel and scientific information they need to meet their national and international obligations to support sustainable development, safeguard the marine and coastal environment and ensure maximum benefits are derived from the goods and services offered by the oceans to sustain their people and economies.

Signatories to the AfriCOG partnership agreement (L-R) Edosa Omoregie (UNAM), Warwick Sauer (Rhodes), Blandina Lugendo (UDSM), Akiko Yamamoto (UNDP), Juliet Hermes (SAEON), Johann Augustyn (DAFF), David Vousden (AfriCOG/ASCLME), Larry Hildebrand (WMU), Adnan Awad (IOI), (SANBI), John Wrench, (BCRE), Coleen Moloney (UCT), Andrew Leitch (NMMU), Magnus Ngoile (IUCN), Ronney Ncwadi (UFH). Not pictured are Saleem Badat (RU), Larry Oellermann (SAAMBR/ORI), Angus Paterson (SAIAB), Peter Myles (NMBMC), Mish Hamid (IW:LEARN).


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